For Educators

Living With Wildlife: Chimney Swifts
An informational brochure detailing basic swift natural history and specifics on how to live with swifts. Click here to download the pdf file.

Swift Curriculum
Chimney swifts are easily accessible birds. They are very active all day and can be seen constantly flying, are well adapted to humans and are found in urban and suburban areas, and are extremely visible during migration when they congregate in roosts by the thousands!

This curriculum is available for middle school and high school educators and is correlated to the National Science Education Standards. It can also be easily adapted for science nights and nature center programs.

Click Here to Access Curriculum

Live Chimney Swift Nest

This website has a streaming video of a live chimney swift nest in Glenham, NY.  There are also other live "nest cams". At each bird's site you can download archived video and pictures.

These nest cams give a unique view into the secret life of nesting birds from nest building to young birds fledgling.

Click here to to see nest cams.

Driftwood Wildlife Association's Chimney Swift Booklet
This four-page publication is designed to acquaint people with Chimney Swifts and the conservation efforts of the Driftwood Wildlife Association's project. It includes a brief life history of Chimney Swifts, tips for homeowners, and basic information on the construction of Chimney Swift Towers.
Click here to download the pdf file.

Chimney Swift Podcast from Nature Watch
A short podcast describing the swifts summer activities. Great audio of the "chittering" call. Click here to listen.

Here are links to short chimney swift videos and a description of each.

Driftwood Wildlife Association Channel. Contains 13 videos total, includes nest building, feeding nestlings, and roosting swifts.

Chimney Swifts of St. Margaret Mary roosting.

Roosting Swifts, can see how they enter the chimney tail first.

To contact a local Chimney Watch coordinator, click this link.